Sunday, September 29, 2013

Extenze Plus Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Extenze Plus male enhancement

Extenze Plus is a penile enlargement pill for men who want to achieve significant improvement in their erection size. The pill is developed and supervised by qualified health professional and doctors, making it a perfect solution for male erectile problems. Regular use of Extenze Plus has proven to increase men’s penis size (both length and girth) as well as enhance a man’s orgasm in terms of both quantity and quality (quality) for maximum sexual pleasure.

Extenze Plus Ingredients

Extenze Plus is an all-natural male enhancement pill, with all active ingredients in the form of natural herbs, minerals, and nutrients among other natural substances. Other natural substances in Extenze Plus include: saw palmetto, ginkgo biloba extract, ginseng, L-arginine and yohimbe bark extracts. Research has shown that Korean ginseng is a highly powerful substance that has gained global recognition owing to its ability to enhance the penile size in men.

Another active ingredient worth mentioning is Ginkgo biloba, which has been widely use in Chinese medicine, and is known to improve blood flow to both the penile shaft and brain. Apart from enhancing blood flow to the brain and penile shaft, Ginkgo biloba is known to increase the body’s overall energy levels. Also, Saw palmetto has medically proven male libido improvement properties, making Extenze Plus the ideal male enhancement solution.

How does Extenze Plus Work?

If you have tried other male enhancement pills, the results must have been dissatisfying; Extenze Plus not only brings a new ray of hope, but also offers guarantees to deliver on the promises. Extenze Plus works in four main mechanisms to promote male sexual performance:

As an aphrodisiac: Owing to the active ingredients composition, Extenze Plus enhances sexual potency, increased libido as well as results in heightened excitement levels.

As an erection booster: The capacity to increase blood flow to the penis, results in enhanced erections.

As a sexual performance enhancer: Extenze Plus boosts sexual performance by increasing the quantity of the male sex hormone (testosterone), which is responsible for sexual arousal and performance.

As an orgasm stabilizer: By increasing the testosterone levels, the sperm count and semen quantity is increased in both quality and quantity.

Extenze Plus Strengths

  • No negative side effects is taken as per the doctors’ dosage and instruction from manufacturer
  • Easy to take in the form of pills along with meals.
  • It is medically proven by professionals and doctors
  • It is delivered with a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee.
  • No need for prescription by doctors, and can be bought easily online by just a click of a mouse from sites such as Amazon and eBay.
  • Affordable when compared with other products in the same niche.
  • Clinically tested and proven to work, as it has helped million of men across the world.
  • Its active ingredients are completely from a natural formula, eliminating adverse effects associated with chemicals.
  • It has been endorsed by a variety of celebrities such as adult movie start Ron Jeremy.

Extenze Plus Weaknesses

  • It only causes penile enhancement not penis enlargement
  • The packaging does not disclose the quantities of the ingredients used
  • Over dosage of Extenze Plus pills may be harmful to the body

The Dos and Don’ts While Taking Extenze Plus

  • Stick to the specified dose of Extenze, if you are allergic to nay Extenze ingredients
  • If you experience any side effects during use, seek medical advice from your doctor
  • Do not continue using Extenze Plus, if you have been advised to use a prescription based drug in treating your underlying problem

Final Verdict

Even with all the benefits, a US-based Nutraceutical Company manufactures Extenze Plus with tag line that Extenze Plus can be used for natural penile enhancement. While this can be true, the same can as well apply as a marketing strategy, and should not be confused with the term “penile enlargement”. Ideally, almost all the resulting effects from the use of Extenze Plus are temporary, and last for a considerably short period. In fact, for efficiency one s expected to take a new pill each day to sustain the effects. Also, even with the medical approval, some users have reported that Extenze Plus is not completely free of side effects, thus you need to make a careful decision if the product is suitable for you or not.

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